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Privacy policy

We always try to use your personal data in an orderly and secure way. We ascertain and use your personal identifiable information only according to German data privacy laws. We would like to inform you about which data we ascertain, save, and how exactly it is used by us. You may request this policy from our website at any time.

Basic data

In case you initiate or we agree on a contractual relationship, we ascertain (save) and use personal identifiable information about you as required to fulfil this purpose, or as you separately agreed to before.

Personally identifiable information

We only ascertain and use personal identifiable information about you as required to provide our online services (website, ordering pages and customers area) to you as well as for billing purposes. This data particularly include information about your identity (e.g. name, address, email address). Any further use, such as for advertising purposes, is excluded if you haven't agreed to it explicitly.
It is your right to revoke this agreement for the future at any time.

Transmission of personally identifiable information

On demand of responsible parties concerned, we have an obligation to give information about this data in cases of criminal prosecution, averting of danger, or when this is required in order to fulfil lawful operations performed by those appointed for the defence of the German constitution or by military counter intelligence services or when it is needed in order to ensure rights of intellectual property.

Apart from that, personal identifiable information is only transmitted to third parties so far as it is required to render our services. This concerns transactions of payment orders by selected online payment processors, delivery regarding supply of goods and services, as well as transmission to other companies required to be involved in the processing of orders.

Recordings for internal and statistic purposes

All requests sent to our website/servers are recorded automatically. This retention is done for internal/technical and statistical reasons. These logs include: date and time of the request, name of the requested file (path), name of the user agent (web browser), language of the web browser, operating system, referrer, IP address and host name.

This data is saved separately from any personal data that you provide in case of a contractual relationship with us. This data is only used for statistical purposes, optimisation of our websites (e.g. choosing language and layout) and to ensure that our online services can operate trouble-free.

Data of usage

For purposes of advertising, market research and demand oriented design of our website we may use pseudonyms to create user profiles. You have the right to oppose this use of your data. We are not allowed to combine this anonymous usage data with the data of its originator (you).


To enhance the range of functions and to provide a trouble free operation of our online services we use so called "session cookies".
Cookies are a common part of modern web technology and are used by most websites of these days to provide identification with regard to uniquely associate requests by users on a short or long-term base.

This identification is necessary, for example, to distinguish users during an ordering progress. This is done through the exchange of a unique session ID (a 32 characters long string of random numbers and letters) between web browser and web server.
This session ID is saved to the hard disc for the duration of the browser session (time in which the browser is running) in form of a plain text file, containing the session ID, name of the session, name of the website this cookie applies to as well as the period of validity. There is no personal identifiable data saved in the cookie. If you close the web browser, these session cookies are automatically deleted by the web browser.

Our website may not function properly if you reject cookie storage by configuring your web browser to do so. The ordering progress on our website as well as the login to our customers area requires the unique identification of different requests as this data, in this progress, is partly passed between several pages.

Data security

We always try to use and save your personal identifiable information in such a way that makes them inaccessible to third parties. This is achieved, among others, by the use of SSL-secured transmission of data (e.g. order page, customers login), introduction of a SSL certificate which ensures the identity of our website, use of password protected areas as well as encrypted transmission of e-mail if requested.

We also try to protect and harden our software against possible attacks (e.g. Cross-Site Scripting XSS SQL Injections, Cross-Site Request Forgery CSRF, Sniffing, Brute-Force attacks) and to keep up to date with these technologies. We are steadily trying to extend the knowledge on IT-Security regarding this matter.

Information and withdrawal

As a user of our online services you have the right to be informed about what information is saved in relation to your person or your pseudonym.

You have the right to revoke your agreement to the use of your personal identifiable information.
Deletion or deactivation of personal identifiable information is performed if you revoke your agreement to the use of your data, if it is out of use for a formerly existent reason or if the use of this data is illegal by any other lawful reason.

In case that deletion of data is opposed by any lawful, contractual or fiscal retention period or any other reason relating to law provisions, a deactivation can be performed instead of a deletion of the data.